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weber.joint metal arrived!

Weber offers you the last trends of ceramic tiles design:

  • unique and innovative metallic surface
  • freedom for design
  • 5 different colours

High-quality product from an innovative producer

Weber as the leader in the tile fixing maket offers you the first metallic grout that enhances the tiled surfaces creating an attractive aspect.

It’s a unique aspect that it can be used in harmony with the most fashionable mosaic and glass tiles or combined with simple ceramic tiles to provide a trendy general effect.

Applicable on floors and walls, its high decorative capacity can be used to valorise almost all surfaces: showers, bathrooms, swimming pools, living-rooms, kitchens….

Waterproof and resistant to the moulds, the beauty and shyness of weber.joint metal is guaranteed for a long time.

Product description

3 kg bucket
  • waterproof
  • anti-mould
  • durable
  • easy to apply
  • faster to clean

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Would you like to see the effect of weber.joint metal in real conditions?
We provide you free delivery of weber.joint metal colours:

  • gold
  • silver
  • still
  • bronze
  • titanium

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